STORYTIME: The time I fell in love with Sweden…

This time I´m going to do a blogpost all in english 🙂 Growing up in Germany and being part of the metal scene, „the North“ always was very interesting for me – a lot of very good metal bands come from Norway, Sweden or Finland and all the pictures I had seen were so beautiful – the nature, the water, the mountains. So when I started studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam (Capital City of Brandenburg, Germany and next to Berlin), I thought about going abroad to Sweden for a semester or an apprenticeship. I started taking swedish classes in 2010. Unfortunately because of my private situation in the years 2010 and 2011 I was not able to realize going abroad. I still feel sorry for that because I think it would have been a great experience… but I travel now, and that’s awesome as well 🙂

I met a lot of people during my classes and went to the Swedish mittsommar party in Berlin as well, and everyone was so nice that I talked a lot about visiting Sweden… So one day Tobi said „Let’s do this!“ and we booked two flights to Stockholm. As a was a student working hard to cover my expenses, it was my first vacation since years. And even if we just stayed for a week, the city and I felt in love with each other. The flair in Gamla Stan, all the water and nature surroundings, the kind people, the good (and expensive ;)) food, and – of course – my great travel mate, which whom I did so many great trips in the last years… Made this really a fantastic time to remember.

I started taking more and more swedish lessons (with a great teacher, Felicitas from Nordic Languages! If you want to learn swedish or norwegian, I really recommend her because you can make great progess in a very short amount of time) and to this day I am quite solid in understanding and speaking a little bit. I always desired to spend more time in this great country, and so, this summer, we did and travelled a whole month through Sweden and a little bit through Norway and Denmark. And yes, Norway has fantastic nature and Denmark is a really nice country as well (especially Copenhagen, it is an amazing city!), but I lost my heart again to Sweden. The narrow streets of downtown Gothenburg, the seaside, the calming woods… sometimes you know from the beginning, that it is meant to be and so is my relationship with Sweden. I definitely want to visit so many more places on this wonderful world, but I’m so excited to learn more and more about this amazing country. I really think I will live there for maybe some time or some time longer in the future… We will see.

To get a feeling for what get me, I show you now some of the pictures we took when we first travelled to Stockholm… Enjoy 🙂 – Tell me in the comments which country you like the most, and why 🙂 I am curious to hear your stories!








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  1. Du bist gerne gesehen in unserm Land.
    Darfst jederzeit wiederkommen!
    Deinen Wikinger kannst du auch immer mitbringen, ist ja ein ganz netter Kerl
    Nur muß er die Finger von meinen Gänsen lassen!!

    många hälsningar

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